About us

Kawitan Design

Carrying out a sense of personal well-being into a desired interior design is our passion.

Kawitan Design

Kawitan Design & Consultant is a trusted Surabaya-based Interior Design & Consultant since 2010 specialized in customized residences and commercial projects.

We offer a wide range of interior design services from initial exploration of design concepts, creative and distinct space planning, up to desired design development. Considering our portfolios, three things that represent Kawitan Design & Consultant: pleasant, warm and elegant.

In our few years of wide experience throughout Indonesia and overseas, we concern the needs of client’s personally and are dedicated to maximize the potential of the existing elements of a space and develop it with innovative imagination. We are very mindful of the ambience, elegance and quality in our designs.

We ensure that our work is up to the last detail where it does not only focus on aesthetics but also embraces the practical purposes that fit with client’s taste and personality.

Collaborating with credible professional vendors, our projects range from private residences, apartments, hotels, offices to commercial buildings - ushering clients to meet their satisfaction.

“More than presenting what we are capable of, we come up with notable designs, concepts and space transformation that lead to pleasant ambience in each corner." - The Founder of Kawitan Design & Consultant.

Our commitment is to provide the best solutions by bringing the beauty into everyday life and treasure it in a Modern Contemporary Art style, maintaining the high quality finished products and engaging professional services to client’s individual needs. We care about each detail and beauty for exquisite flexible designs that lead to a more mindful mode of living.

A perfect residence is the extension of life, body and spirit. A place where the dwellers can invite the world in & can shut the world out.



We offer guidance about materials, flooring, tiles, hardware, paint options, architectural and interiror element, detailing / decorating , and overall partial or full remodeling.


Kawitan design works closely with local craftmant and fabricators to design custom pieces from start to finish. From concept to execution, we’ll make sure that your furniture suits your space perfectly.


Using our experienced team we provide specialist Interior Design services from project inception through to execution. We’ll design thoughtful aesthetics and staging that reflect your vision.